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From the Abode of the Gods to the City of Gardens. We are a Travel Solutions company, headquartered in Sundernagar, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, with a presence in Bangalore, the IT city, in South India. We are the choice for people looking for a great vacation experience or a successful business trip. In today’s demanding lifestyles, there is a need for well-suited travel solutions for the time you would be investing and the intended purpose. We help you achieve what you set out to do by offering personalized travel packages that leave you with amazing experiences you would cherish and share with friends and family.


Blooming Travel Solutions is India’s budding Travel key company. In tandem with the growth of its outbound department Blooming Travel Solutions Pvt. Ltd. conducts inbound tours and is an advocate for fair pricing without sacrificing quality of service. We provide broad category of various travel solutions for leisure, group, business or family travelers, backed by real-time travel packages and supreme products. Since its inception, Blooming Travel Solutions has grown rapidly, aspiring to emerge as one of the foremost tour and travel companies in India. As a fairly young travel agent, we are receptive to new ideas, flexible and adaptable to our clients needs.

Being one of the most efficient travel operator, Blooming Travel Solutions has extended top of the class services to our prestigious clients from various countries across the globe. The organization is managed by people with a rich experience and in-depth knowledge in the hospitality industry. We cater to different markets across the globe.

We offer all types of travel deals – premier, standard as well as budget – with personalized services within India and countries like Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius, Maldives, China Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Switzerland & London. We are experienced in providing tailor-made cultural, spiritual, religious, adventure, and wildlife tours, along with other basic packages of all major tourist destinations in India.

Blooming Travel Solutions undertakes air ticketing – both international and domestic, land transport by road, processing of all tourist visas and travel documents for all the packages that we have.

Blooming Travel Solution aims at being the most comprehensive source of travel information on the various exhilarating destinations it has to offer and as a travel agency to provide you with the most efficient way to plan and confirm your travel arrangements.


From the time you start talking to us about your vacation, we work closely with you to ensure that the planning and the bookings are exactly what you need. Here is a basic, step- by-step breakdown of a typical consulting and booking process:


At Blooming Travel Solutions we listen to what you want, to your preferences and needs regarding your dream vacation. Because we listen to you, we are able to consult you and provide you with a tailored itinerary that will fulfill all your expectations.


Once the proposed itinerary is agreed with you, we will make your reservations directly with the service providers of the destinations of your choice. Once everything is confirmed, we will send you your final itinerary.


Upon agreeing on your final itinerary, you will need to send us payment either via a certified check, online bank transfers, via paypal on our website. Incase of cash payment you need to come down to any one of our branch office and make the payment or you can either deposit the cash in our company’s current a/c. We then reconfirm all pertinent reservations for you and once all reservations are in place, process your payment.


A couple of days after processing your payment, we will send you your confirmation vouchers together with a summary of all reservations. You are required to carry your vouchers to your travel destinations. Upon presenting your vouchers at the hotels/ resorts booked for you , you will be recognized as a guest and will receive the service as indicated.